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Vermilian has a range of other products which may be useful to your business. Our portfolio is constantly growing and moulding to fit our clients requirements.

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Our Webinar system is a flexible system suited to any business purpose.

The system primarily enables you to:

  • generate sales leads
  • train large number of people
  • provide employee or new client inductions.


  • Reach a larger audience
  • Reduce cost
  • Digitally record and allow future playback
  • Utilise for a long period of time

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Our Performance Review System (PRS) enables you to automate your staff performance review process. It ensures staff are appraised in a consistent manner, significantly reduces administration costs and enables faster completion.

PRS is a flexible online system which enables you to streamline the workflow associated with staff performance reviews.

Simple staff reviews

Staff performance reviews can be a time-consuming and complicated process: documents need to be created and regularly updated; performance measures have to be maintained; benchmarks have to be monitored; outcomes and comments have to be reviewed. Sometimes the whole process can be so complex that it seems more like an administrative process than a tool for mentoring staff. It shouldn't be like that. Staff performance reviews should be simple to do - making sure that the focus is on your staff and their performance; not the documents used.

Easy-to-use interface

PRS is a simple, straight-forward performance review system that's easy to use. The review process is presented in a simple, intuitive way that all members of your team can quickly adopt.

Access information at the click of a button

PRS provides straight-forward access to all staff review information. No more storing of multiple document versions or making sure that each stakeholder has the most recent document. PRS automatically keeps everything up-to-date and can be accessed by all authorised personnel at the click of a button: staff members, managers, senior managers and HR staff all have their own unique access to the system.

Built-in scoring

PRS scores performance reviews automatically by creating scoring rules at the click of a button. Staff and managers can spend time on improving performance rather than measuring it.

Get things done with email notifications

Managers and staff can monitor progress at all stages of the performance review process through PRS's built-in email notification module. Performance reviews get done on time and everyone in the process knows what's happening.

Flexible user access ensures strict privacy

All stages of the process can be restricted via the use of individual usernames and passwords as required. Each staff member only sees their own reviews: eg. managers see only their own staff reviews, etc. No more worries about breaching confidential information; no more lost documents. You set the rules as to who sees what: PRS secures it for you automatically.

Sophisticated data management

Managers and HR staff can filter and download performance review data in real-time to excel, pdf or html. We can help you create reporting templates to enable speedy information to Management and Board.

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Vermilian's 2012 Financial Services Trend Report is a cost-effective way to gain key strategic marketing and product insights as it provides an overview of retail banking marketing trends/innovations.


This report will provide you an overview of a vast and varied selection of topics and innovations which are currently relevant to the financial services industry. This includes retail banking product trends in Australia, the US, UK and Canada that have emerged in the last 12 months to highlight recent innovations and to flag potential opportunities.

Use this as a basis for new product development, marketing strategy and even member service staff training.

Trend report


  • Shape your annual marketing planning
  • Identify and prioritise a range of potential product initiatives
  • Identify any deficiencies in your product offerings and/or features
  • Develop new or improved products based on highlighted innovations
  • Assist with strategic planning
  • Educate marketing teams, management and boards

Table of Contents

The below Table of Contents provides a list of the content which is included in the 2012 Financial Services Trend Report.

1. Innovations and Trends

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Deposit Products

5.2.1 Linked Savings Programs

5.2.2 Bonus Online Savings Accounts

5.2.3 Combined Transaction and Savings Accounts (Multipurpose Accounts)

5.2.4 Name Your Savings Accounts

5.2.5 Online Investment Accounts

5.2.6 Everyday Transactions Rewards Accounts

5.2.7 Student Packages

1.3 Home Loan Products

5.3.1 Refinancing/Switching Home Loans

5.3.2 No-Deposit Home Loans

5.3.3 Family Equity Guarantee Home Loans (for First Home Buyers)

5.3.4 No Frills, No Early Exit Fees Home Loans

5.3.5 Basic Home Loans with Optional Extras

5.3.6 Capped Home Loans

5.3.7 High Repayment Home Loans

5.3.8 Longer Term Home Loans

1.4 Personal Loan Products

5.4.1 Payday Loans

5.4.2 Family Fleet Car Loans

5.4.3 Home Equity Loan Types

5.4.4 Revolving Car Loans

5.4.5 Revolving Personal Loans

1.5 Mobile Banking

1.6 Financial Literacy

1.7 Service-Based Banking

1.8 Social Banking

1.8.1 Social Saving

1.8.2 Twitter

1.8.3 Corporate Social Responsibility

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