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Australians value health and love over money


According to a prosperity survey undertaken by rediATM, Australian’s consider their health, family wellbeing and love to be of higher value than financial status when measuring their accomplishments.

A solid 22% of Australian’s consider good health as the single most important measure of prosperity whilst 20% said family wellbeing and 16% said a loving partnership was most important.

Despite the non-materialistic view of personal good fortune only half of the candidates surveyed considered themselves quite or very prosperous.

The survey which was commissioned by Cuscal (owner and operator of the rediATM network) was conducted on over 1500 Australians, to gain an understanding of how overall prosperity is viewed.

“Many Australian’s are now reassessing how they view their broader personal wealth with traditional aspirations such as health, happiness and family wellbeing increasingly being prioritised as more important than material or financial gain,” said David Heine, General Manager of Cuscal.

Although nearly half of the candidates suggest that owning their own home was a long term goal, health and family happiness remains the number one goal (69%).

When asked to rank the top three factors that they use to measure their overall prosperity, half of Australians surveyed mention their health or their family’s wellbeing 52% and 49% respectively).

Regional Australians view love and partnership as more important than their metropolitan neighbours (43% to 38% respectively).

When asked to describe their present level of prosperity (including both financial and nonfinancial measurements), only 46% of respondents considered themselves to be quite, or very prosperous.  One in four respondents said they are struggling with simply not having enough money.

The outlook for 2012 is more balanced with over one third (35%) of Australians saying that they believe they will be more prosperous, half (52%) saying that they will remain at the same level and one in eight (13%) believing that they will be less prosperous.

Australians have an inherently sensible approach to their long term goals: most would forgo travel and home renovation (63% and 53% respectively) first; and prioritising their family health, children’s education and home ownership, if spending cuts were required to make ends meet.

A significant number (58%) of rediATM customers say that their financial institution is either aligned or very well aligned with their broad prosperity goals compared with 42% of nonrediATM customers.