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VISA Debit Card notification


Retail giant Woolworths has recently announced changes to the way VISA Debit Cards will operate in their group of stores. From 15th April, customers using VISA Debit Cards to pay for goods at Woolworths' checkout machines will no longer be able to use the Credit (Cr) option.

The VISA Debit Card can still be used at Woolworths’ stores by using the Savings (Sav) or Cheque (Chq) options on the checkout machines. This change ultimately means the VISA Debit Card will work over the EFTPOS network rather than through the VISA one at Woolworths’ stores. The fee structure for EFTPOS transactions and Credit(VISA) transactions are different. We recommended that you check the fees and charges structure associated with EFTPOS transactions.

Please note: There is no problem with your VISA Debit card. It is still fully functional. At stores other than those owned by Woolworths your VISA Debit Card will work as normal when you press ‘Cr’, ‘Chq’ or ‘Sav’. That is to say, that you can still access the VISA network in most stores when using your VISA Debit Card.

The stores that are part of the Woolworths family that will be implementing this change include BIG W, Woolworths Supermarkets, Safeway Supermarkets, Woolworths Liquor, Safeway Liquor, BWS, Dan Murphy's, Dick Smith, Tandy, Woolworths Petrol, Safeway Petrol, Caltex Woolworths petrol outlets, Thomas Dux and ALH.