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Volcanic Ash and Travel Insurance


The unpronounceable volcano in Iceland and the ash it has ejected has wreaked havoc on international flights around the world. Hundreds of thousands of travellers have been stranded or unable to take planned holidays. While this situation is frustrating for all, those travellers who didn’t take out adequate insurance have no way of claiming for any unused accommodation, lost salary or booked tours that they have no way of getting to.

On the other hand, those travellers who did take out travel insurance before April 13, when the situation first became a public phenomenon, have important coverage benefits available to them. Rebooking accommodation, tours and all those associated costs are taken care of. Holidays can be taken later and are not completely ruined. This incident really highlights the importance of taking out travel insurance before embarking on any kind of travel. You just don’t know what could happen.

The Australian government, through their DFAT website, has a strong opinion on this and recommends ‘all Australians to take out travel insurance before going overseas’. The site even goes as far to say that ‘if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel’.

If you are thinking of taking a trip take a look at our uncomplicated travel insurance options. While nobody wants to get into difficulties while travelling, DFAT says that it helps over 25,000 Australians in difficulty overseas every year. Even if it’s something small like having your digital camera pinched, travel insurance is a reassuring form of protection that could save you a lot of money and heartache in the future.