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Insurance Inspector


Did you know that two thirds of Australians are underinsured? No? Well neither do most Australians. 

Insurance inspector is designed to educate members about the prevelance of underinsurance in Australia, inclusions they should consider for their insurance cover and drive leads for commision based revenue.

This campaign is based around home contents insurance and provides Financial Institutions with an interactive, proffesional campaign to help generate enquiries for home contents insurance.

How can your Financial Institution use Insurance Inspector?

Insurance Inspector has been designed to be deployed as a simple online campaign. It's tailored to each financial institution with its own dedicated mini-site and customised branding.

Users enter the value of the items in their home and calculate the total value of their home contents, they are then encouraged to complete an enquiry form to receive a quote from the Financial Institution.

We do all the deployment and maintenance for you so Insurance Inspector is simple to run.

As this is an aggregated campaign, Insurance Inpector is also incredibly cost affective - with a simple low annual licence fee (non-eBusiness clients only). The online supporting marketing elements are included in the campaign however we can also create additional supporting material in cost effective packages at an aggregated rate.

Supporting material included

  • Website Banners
  • Campaign Mini-Site
  • Electronic Direct Mail

Additional supporting material

  • Member Newsletter
  • Statement Message
  • Direct Mail
  • IVR Script
  • DL Flyer
  • A2, A3 or A4 Poster
  • Signage

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