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We're a one-stop-shop for all your branding requirements - from brand development to implementation online, in print and beyond.

Brand positioning

The most important strategic marketing task you can undertake is to get your branding right.

Brand positioning is all about aligning long term direction with short term execution. Businesses often have only a loosely-defined sense of their long-term direction.

This brings with it the potential for internal differences in priorities as well as confusion in the minds of customers due to variations in communications and service delivery. Establishing a clear (and agreed) brand positioning can overcome this.

We have extensive experience in brand strategy and positioning.

Brand identities

We have experience with:

  • the design and development of new brand identities, for new and merged organisations, new products, online brands and segmented offerings
  • reinvigorating existing brand identities – updating brands and collateral to present a consistent and contemporary image to customers
  • developing unique online brands
  • redesigning logos, tag lines, imagery and art work

Corporate style guidelines

Corporate style guidelines ensure that the visual design elements of an organisation are applied consistently and correctly in every application.

Published guidelines that are consistently adhered to are essential for a number of reasons:

  • organisations are often judged by the quality and consistency of their public communications
  • customers are exposed to a large quantity of professional communications material - they tend to spot inconsistencies if a business's communications is not at  the same standard
  • communication opportunities can be few and far between - every piece of communication reinforces the brand positioning of the organisation

We can assist with comprehensive and integrated branding solutions for all your communications channels and touch points.

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