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Vermilian’s online support activities within the mutual ADI sector (building societies, credit unions and friendly societies) are primarily conducted through our eBusiness Service.

By engaging the eBusiness Service, you will gain access to a unique support capability providing a comprehensive range of services.  To our knowledge, no other supplier can match our breadth and specialisation.

The eBusiness Service is a comprehensive online support resource purpose-built for mutual ADIs. It is a unique service that spans every aspect of your online channel, delivered by highly-skilled and experienced people, all for a flat monthly fee.

The eBusiness Service provides:

  • online security risk management;
  • ebusiness strategy support;
  • a sophisticated content management system;
  • a large range of online tools;
  • high-quality website design;
  • emarketing, campaign and website support;
  • intranet development; and
  • well-established infrastructure and service standards.

Operational for over eight years, the eBusiness Service has now become the largest supplier of integrated online services in the Australian mutual ADI sector, currently supporting 80 websites and intranets for 40 mutual ADIs serving over 750,000 members.  

Our eBusiness clients include IMB, Qantas Staff Credit Union, ADCU, SERVICEONE Members Banking, Illawarra Credit Union and SCU, to name just a few.

The eBusiness Service is provided to clients through our partnership with Shared Services Pty Limited (Shared Services).  Shared Services is a mutual ADI support and service provider owned by BDCU, SERVICEONE Members Banking, Sydney Credit Union and Macquarie Credit Union.

As part of our agreement with Shared Services, Vermilian operates as the central supplier of the eBusiness Service.  Provision of the service through Shared Services provides clients with confidence in the service’s relevance and operation, as well as potential GST benefits.

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