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The eBusiness Service is supported by developed and well-established infrastructure and service standards.

Byond Online Publisher

The eBusiness Service uses a sophisticated enterprise-level Content Management System (CMS) – Byond Online Publisher.

Byond Online Publisher can assist with the effective management of:
  • content creation
  • content management
  • publishing
  • system support



FormMaster is an online form system that enables clients to create secure, flexible, professionally-designed forms in minutes. FormMaster can assist with the effective management of:

  • form creation & maintenance
  • user management
  • data processing
  • lead generation
  • system support

Byond Intranet

Our Intranet Solution, Byond Intranet,  is based on the Byond Online Publisher CMS, but incorporates a range of customised features and enhancements specifically developed for Intranets. 

Thus, is brings with it the advantages of being:

  • fully-supported and subject of ongoing enhancement/upgrade
  • able to utilise all of the website features and capabilities enables by our CMS

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