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Vermilian's Website Security Framework


Vermilian’s Information Security Committee (ISC) oversees its website security risk management practice.

The ISC conducts weekly meetings, monitoring website traffic and intrusion attempts and enhancing its Information Security Management System (ISMS) across the following eight-part framework.

Intranet Solution - Clear interface

Enterprise-Level Hosting/Data Centre Partner

We partner with Rackspace Hosting Australia at their Sydney data centre.

Accredited Security Standards

The data centre, hosting arrangements, server architecture and security framework have been designed to reflect compliance with the following standards across all core data centre hosting: ASIO T4, ISO 27001, PCI DSS.

Intranet Solution - Customised design

Multi-tiered Protection

We have established shared and dedicated protection through vendor-diverse (multiple providers) firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, vulnerability scanning, etc.


Comprehensive Remote-located Redundancy/Failover

Our architecture provides N+1 redundancy across all core systems to deliver redundancy and built-in failover/disaster recovery.
Intranet Solution - Frontend Editing


Our hosting environment has been designed to allow us to expand/adjust capacity easily and cost-effectively.


Penetration Testing

Systems are regularly subjected to penetration testing by external parties.


Intranet Solution - Permission Settings
Intranet Solution - User Logs

Comprehensive Monitoring

We undertake extensive monitoring using server and application level monitoring systems, 24 x7 alert systems and a live intrusion detection system.

Separation of Security Tiers

All systems have been risk-assessed and allocated to separate hosting environments.


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