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Web Design Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise specified in project/engagement agreements, the following terms and conditions apply to all web design engagements undertaken by Vermilian Pty Ltd.

Basic Terms & Conditions: Web Design Work

Browser Compatibility

Cross-browser compatibility (ensuring that web sites and applications operate well in various web browsers) is an essential aspect of good web design. However, web browsers change regularly with updated versions often introducing new features which differ significantly from those of earlier versions. Added to this is the fact that browser popularity is ever-evolving; witness the demise of Netscape and the progressive increase in the use of Firefox.

Therefore in designing and developing web sites and applications Vermilian applies the following principles to our work.

Vermilian WILL aim to test and optimise our websites and applications at the time of launch for the current release versions of the most popular browsers used worldwide.

As at November 2012 our browser optimisation list is:

  • Internet Explorer versions 7 - 9
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 4 - 16.0
  • Apple Safari versions 4.0 - 5.1
  • Google Chrome versions 10.0 - 23.0

Vermilian WILL NOT guarantee that websites and applications will look/operate the same in future browser releases nor will we automatically change a website/application for all our clients to ensure its consistency with future browser releases. We WILL undertake the following:

  • for general clients we will undertake browser compatibility upgrade projects as commissioned
  • for clients engaging us through our eBusiness Service we will schedule standard website design changes as part of our regular work program to accommodate the requirements of browser upgrades once we have determined that take-up has reached requisite levels. Other website/application upgrades will be undertaken as commissioned.

Vermilian change a site to conform to BETA release versions of browsers or less popular browsers unless they become one of the most popular browsers used worldwide unless specifically commissioned by a client.

Vermilianeavour to always take other browsers into account when building websites and applications, however we cannot guarantee that our websites and applications will operate appropriately in browsers older than those listed above.

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