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Browser Compatibility


Cross-browser compatibility or ensuring that web sites and applications operate well in various web browsers, is an essential aspect of good web design.

Web browsers change regularly with updated versions often introducing new features which differ significantly from those of earlier versions. Added to this is the fact that browser popularity is ever-evolving; witness the progressive increase in the use of Chrome. Therefore in developing and maintaining websites through the eBusiness Service we provide an ongoing program of cross-browser compatibility.

Optimising your Website

We will optimise your new website at the time of launch for the current release versions of the most popular browsers used worldwide. We maintain a watch on browser usage statistics and update our lists of browser usage regularly.

Monitoring new browser releases and upgrades

Vermilian proactively monitors new releases and upgrades for all supported browsers and assesses the potential impact of the upgrade on our sites. Many upgrades are small and have no usability impact, whereas others, for example the recent IE9 release, have a significant impact.

Where necessary we will determine the ‘optimisation plan’ needed to accommodate the new browser.  We will also communicate this plan to clients and update the sites according to the requisite optimisation plan. Some changes need only small adjustments to templates and style sheets where as other changes may depend on updated third-party code libraries. We will also monitor the release of new browsers and include these new browsers on our list of supported browsers once they reach a 5% use threshold.

Monitoring device and operating system developments

We also monitor device and operating system developments and will adjust our design and coding conventions as needed to accommodate new developments.  For example, Apple’s refusal to support Adobe Flash on its iOS handheld devices (iPhones, iPod touches and iPads) has forced us to develop new systems for displaying advertising banners.  All our new websites built through the eBusiness Service now utilise a new rotating banner system using JQuery that does not require the use of Flash.

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